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Agave univittata

Agave univittata

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Agave univittata is not just a beautiful plant; it also has a fascinating survival mechanism. During periods of drought or extreme heat, it conserves water by curling its leaves inward, forming a natural funnel that directs rainwater directly to its roots. This remarkable adaptation allows the Agave univittata to thrive even in the harshest conditions.

🤩 Add some sizzle to your succulent collection! 🤩 Our eye-catching Agave univittata is a great way to 💥 spice up any decor. 💥 Plus, it's easy to take care of and makes a 👌 great gift. 👌

This plant's compact size makes it a perfect addition to any indoor space, adding a touch of nature's artistry

  • Sun Exposure
    • Put this plant anywhere it can receive plenty of sunlight   
  • Water requirement
    • In week 4-5 times in the summer season
    • In week 2-3 times in the winter season
  • Pot size: 3 inch
  • Plant size: 5-6 inch
  • Compact size makes perfect for table top

Fasciated Haworthia is not just a plant, it's a living sculpture, a treatment of the fascinating diversity of the natural world.

Note: Avoid Overwatering & also too much direct sunlight

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