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Build Your Jungle

We can't live in Jungle. So why can't we bring that Jungle to our Home, making more closer to Nature giving fresh clean air. Breathe easy and fresh air with Premium quality of LIVE PLANTS & enjoy a pollution-free environment.

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Breathe like Nature

We will be making your home breathable like nature. We are committed to improving the air quality in your home, just like nature.

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What is the 30 days Insurance Policy?

The Policy is of 30 days, In this period we take care of the plants with manuring, trimming, cutting giving all the essential to every plant which you buy from us.

Note: You will be charged Rs.50 per Plant after 30 days.

What if any plant die?

We will be having 30 days free replacement policy for absolutely FREE. If any plants die in that period we will replace it.

What is the size of Plant

The size of plant is medium size that suits and enhances the looks of Home.

What will be size of pot ?

Pot size will be of 6 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch

What is the material of Pot and will i get plate with it?

Yes, You will get plate with pot and the pot material are of premium plastic and ceramic

Nasa recommendation

Peace lily

Scientific name Spathiphyllum remove Benzene (1725 μg/hr), Formaldehyde (674μg/hr), trichloroethylene (1128μg/hr), and ammonia from the room.

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Snake Plant

Snake Plant or Mother in law tongue eliminates xylene, ammonia, trichloroethylene(405 μg/hr), benzene(1196 μg/hr), and formaldehyde (1304 μg/hr).

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English Ivy

Compresses 78% of Airborne mold from the surrounding, making the clean air to breathe.

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Areca palm

Remove up to 90% of formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the atmosphere with our innovative solution.

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Guldavari, common name is chrysanthemum . Chrysanthemum are the most popular seasonal flowers also used as Air purifier plants.

Only Demerit, Not for Indoor room

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