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Ornamental Plant Set for Modern home

Ornamental Plant Set for Modern home

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We all know ornamental plants refresh mood, improves concentration, and help reduce anxiety. But mainly, used for decorating purposes. So we have made this set for all your need. This set contains earth stars, Syngonium arrowheads, Pink Syngonium along colorful pots. All plants in this set are low in maintenance and very easy to care for. These plants set will increase the aesthetic look of your house. 

  • All Plants add life & beauty to your surrounding
  • All Plants acts as a natural purifier
  • All Plant will decorate your house or room with these indoor plants
  • Set Constituents
    • Syngonium Arrowhead - 1
    • Earth Star - 1
    • Pink Syngonium - 1
  • All Pot size: 5 inch
  • All Pot material: Fiber
  • All Pot color: yellow, white, red
  • All Plant size: 8-10 inch
  • Water requirement
    • 5-6 times in the summer season
    • 3-4 times in the winter season
  • Sun exposure
    • Low to medium sunlight
  • All plant is best for AC rooms, office desk, bedroom
  • Perfect for Beginners  

Note: Pour every time whenever you see a dry surface on the pot.

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