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Lemongrass is a medicinal plant, also it is used as fragrance in deodorants, soaps, and cosmetics. Lemongrass is used as a flavoring in foods and beverages. Lemongrass also contains vitamin A and substances that can be used in pain, swelling, reduce fever, improves levels of cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

Lemongrass is a plant that help prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast, stimulate the uterus and menstrual flow, and have antioxidant properties. One  can use lemongrass via tea as this is very good for health.

  • Medicinal, outdoor plant
  • Requires bright sunlight
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Water requirement
    • In summer 4-5 times a week
    • In winter 2-3 times a week
  • Plant size(ht.) : 60-75 cm
  • Pot size: 7.5 inch
  • Wellness plant

Note:  Lemongrass does not require frequent repotting. For fertilizer, handful of compost every 60days for best result.

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