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Croton Mammy

Croton Mammy

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Croton Mammy is an Indoor plant and this is famous because of its exotic appearance. The Colour of the leaves is bold and bright. Croton is one of the best and charming houseplants that you can have because of the variety of colors. Widely used as an ornamental plant.

  • Sun Exposure
    • Semi shed/ indirect sunlight 
  • Plant size 15-16 inch
  • Pot size: 6 inch
  • Pot type: self-watering pot
  • Pot color: red
  • Water requirement
    • 5-6 times in the summer season
    • 2-3 times in the winter season
  • Excellent houseplant
  • Avoid overwatering

Note: Don't expose to direct sunlight otherwise burning of leaves. Crotons prefer to have consistently moist soil. 

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