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Calathea Makoyana

Calathea Makoyana

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Calathea Makoyana, also known as the Peacock plant The most beautiful plant because of the color of the leaves on both sides. Leaves open and close depending on the time of day. Their foliage is attractive on both sides of the leaves, bringing a different vibe at different times of the day. In addition, leaves are non-toxic. Homes with pets or children need not worry. 


  • Low maintenance plant
  • Plants prefer indirect light
  • Pot size: 4.5 inch
  • Plant size: 14-16 inch
  • Water Requirement
    • In the summer season 5-6 times a week 
    • In the winter season 2-3 times a week
  • Pot type: Self-watering pot
  • Pot material: Fiber
  • Intoxicated leaves

Note: Direct sun will damage the leaves and low light will slow growth, so a bit of balance is required. Pour water whenever the soils start to dry out. 

This plant is a popular choice around the world for a house plant mainly because it makes a lovely addition to any home due to its beautiful foliage and bold markings.

Pour water only whenever you see dry soil in Plant Pot.

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