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Boston fern

Boston fern

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Boston fern indoor plant adds a touch of nature to your home, while having numerous air-purifying benefits. Its low maintenance needs combined with its dramatic foliage means a beautiful, healthy addition to any home.

Ferns are grown extensively in tropical rainforests and hence like humid, moist and medium light conditions. They thrive during monsoons due to high humidity. There are a lot of varieties of ferns but Boston fern, Asparagus fern and foxtail ferns are the most commmon ones.

These plants love moist and loose soil. Do not let the soil run out dry for too long and spray water once the humidity goes down. Ferns can be easily propagated through division as it produces new pups once it gets necessary conditions.

This plant will come in a 6 inch plastic pot.

  • Low Maintenance plant
  • Improves air quality # recommended by NASA
  • Good luck plant
  • Pot sizes : 6 inches
  • Plant size(ht.): 8 inches - 15 inches
  • Pot material: Plastic
  • Water Requirement
  • 4-5 times in the summer season
  • 2-3 times in the winter season
  • Indoor plant
  • Lucky plant, increase prosperity
  • Ornament plant, enhances overall looks

Note: Pour every time whenever you see dry surface on the pot.


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