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Aparajita plant

Aparajita plant

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Aparajita plant is a plant which is very much known for good luck as per vastu. Aparajita plant also increase prosperity and give positive energy.

Aparajita flower are vibrant blue with yellow markings looks very promising and beautiful. This plant grows also as ornamental plant. Aparajita plant grows as vine, planting in home brings happiness. Blue flowered plant welcomes wealth into one's home.

  • Low Maintenance plant
  • Good luck plant
  • Pot sizes: 7.5 inch
  • Plant size: 12-35 inches
  • Pot material : Plastic
  • Water Requirement 
    • 4-5 times in the summer season
    • 2-3 times in the winter season

Note: Pour every time whenever you see dry surface on the pot.

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