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Soil mix - 500 gram

Soil mix - 500 gram

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Soil mix is a ready to use soil for plants, also known as potting mix. Whenever you starts gardening i.e starting seeds, rotting cutting, potting up houseplants, or starting kitchen gardening, all you need good quality potting soils. The soil mix is very much different than real soil, as soil mix contains manure.

  • Soil mix has better draining than normal soil
  • Soil mix is more lightweight than garden soil
  • Easy to handle and consistent
  • Soil mix has different texture, high nutrients content, less water holding capacity all good for plants
  • Lighter finer which is best for plants
  • Improves moisture retention and promotes beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Quantity - 1
  • Weight - 500gm
  • Usage 
  • 50 gm for 4 inch pot & 100 gm for 6 inch pot
  • 150 gm for 8 inch pot & 200 gm for 10 inch pot
  • 250 gm for 12 inch pot & 500 gm for 14 inch pot 
  • Suitable for all types of plants

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