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Green Money Plant: Hydrophonic

Green Money Plant: Hydrophonic

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Green Money Plant is an Indoor Plant. Its leaves are diamond in shape and green in color. As per Vastu. money plants have a strong effect on financial well-being. Money plant does many things apart from improving the room energy they also improves the air quality of your room.

Money plants are also known for reducing stress and anxiety making these plants the perfect choice for living a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Low Maintenance plant
  • Improves air quality # recommended by NASA
  • Good luck plant
  • Pot sizes: 4 inch
  • Plant size: 12-15 cm
  • Water Requirement 
    • 4-5 times in the summer season
    • 2-3 times in the winter season

Note: Pour every time you see a dry surface on the pot.


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