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Ficus panda

Ficus panda

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Ficus Panda is a permanent plant, if you like low-maintenance plants then you can definitely try this one because of this reason this is widely used in offices and terrace gardens.

Ficus panda can easily grow in natural indirect light. If you have fond of bonsais then this makes it perfect houseplant..

  • Low maintenance plant
  • Medium to bright sunlight requires
  • Water requirement
    • 6-7 times in the summer season
    • 4-5 times in the winter season
  • Pot type: Nursery pot
  • Pot material: Plastic
  • Pot size: 8 inch
  • Plant size: 25cm -35 cm
  • Provide fertilizer twice a month
  • Avoid overwatering

Note: Keep the soil moist so pour water whenever the soils start to dry out.

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