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Betal is an easy-care medicinal plant known for its health benefits. Perfect for indoors, this ornamental creeper also works well in worship spaces. Low maintenance and beautiful, Betal is the ideal choice for any room.

  • Easy grows in AC rooms but keep away from AC vents
  • Don't overwater
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Medium to bright sunlight requires
  • Water requirement
    • 6-7 times in the summer season
    • 4-5 times in the winter season
  • Pot type: Nursery pot
  • Pot color: Black
  • Pot size: 4.5 inch
  • Plant size: 6-8 inch
  • Pot material: Plastic
  • Provide fertilizer once a month
  • Easy to grow

Note: Keep the soil moist so pour water whenever the soils start to dry out.

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